PINGuard is a product of Espier ltd. Espier Ltd was founded in 2004 and the first PINGuard was launched in 2005. Since then we have constantly developed and added to the product range to suit new threats and different industries.

The EVO1i ATM PINGuard was launched in 2010 and was designed to meet the latest spy-camera type threats at ATMs. It also conforms to the PCI standard.

In 2011 we launched the R1 PINGuard for the EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) terminal. This also proved very successful and since then we have launched the T1 for alarm panels/key pads and T2 PINGuard for fuel/gas pump PIN pads. Added to this with our constant development program we aim to provide the best solution.

Our Mission

As the market leader in our field, we strive to build on our strong reputation.

We do this by continuing to research and develop innovative and world class products, and market them throughout the world.

Our customers are very important to us, and our popularity and continued growth is testament to the fact that not only our products, but our support and after sales service are second to none.

Find out about our products

PINGuard™ for ATM Machines

ATM pin security and protection with PINGuard

Used worldwide, ATM PINGuard’s™ are high quality, durable, and designed to fit any machine.

For POS, PDQ and ATMs

chip and pin, POS and PDQ pin security

Our Payment Terminal PIN shield is flexible and affordable. Everything you need in one box, and fitted in just minutes.

Weather Shields for Access Control

Pin security systems with PINGuard

Used on many devices, this PINGuard™ is suited for a wide variety of applications and is very simple to fit.

For Kiosks and Ticket Machines

pin protection systems with PINGuard

Suitable for many styles of parking / ticket machines and fuel pumps, and are fast becoming very popular for secure PIN entry.

“This robust and well made product is ideal for it’s pin shrouding purpose,
and I would recommend for retrofit use”
John Shepherd Baron OBE, Inventor of the ATM machine