EVO 1I Standard Vertical for NCR SelfServ 34 DU and 38 ATMs

The EVO 1i Standard Vertical PINGuard™ is the complete solution to shielding your ATM PIN. Designed to fit NCR SelfServ 38 and 34 DU ATMs.

With the rise in PIN theft, PINGuard™ was launched back in 2005 to provide a solution to the growing problem of PIN theft at ATMs and other PIN entry devices.

The PINGuard™ has become highly successful with tens of thousands sold worldwide. A product built to last and designed with the cardholder in mind.

The EVO 1i Standard Vertical PINGuard™ can be fitted by an unskilled person without tools in 15 – 30 minutes (everything needed is in the box)

This PINGuard™ is designed for:

NCR SelfServ 38
NCR SelfServ 34 DU