Answers to the most common PINGuard questions can be found below, but do get in touch if you have any further questions.


Installation of the parking, ticket machine and fuel pump PINGuard™ has never been easier with no need for skill sets it can easily be fitted by a member of staff in a matter of seconds.

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All shipping can be organised by PINGuard™ with tracking details and express delivery available.

How strong is the adhesive?

The PINGuard™ is fitted using an ultra-high bond adhesive. Developed for the Aviation Industry it has an incredibly high breaking strain, you need to see it to believe it.

Is it easy to remove?

Yes, it is designed and fixed the way that it is, so if at any point you wish to remove your PINGuard™ from your parking machine, ticket machine or fuel pump dispenser then using the PINGuard™ removal kit correctly will ensure that there is no damage to the machine or fuel pump dispenser.

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Can it be vandalized?

The PINGuard™ is made from the highest quality materials which are designed to endure as much force as possible. All materials are fire retardant.


The PINGuard™ has been designed with accessibility at the fore. DDA and ADA requirements are becoming essential to the design, installation and usability of the payment terminal.

Designed in such a way that accessibility to the PIN pad is not compromised, we have worked alongside the retail industry as well as carried out trials so we can keep the functionality of the payment terminal.


“Fitting the wings was effortless….”

“We haven’t received any complaints or information of any stolen cards”