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PINGuard are the market leaders in PIN shrouding technology to prevent PIN theft and PIN fraud at POS and ATM. Constantly researching and developing innovative and class leading pin protection products, our brand stands for quality and after sales service that is second to none.

Feel free to browse through our PIN Guard ATM security and POS security pin shield products, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

PINGuard™ for ATM’s

Our ATM PINGuards™ are proven to be effective as an anti-skimming system, helping prevent distraction and shoulder surfing, and designed to fit almost every ATM and EPP.

Chip & PIN

Our Payment Terminal PIN shield is flexible and affordable. Everything you need in one box, and fitted in just minutes.


Used on many devices, this PINGuard™ is suited for a wide variety of applications and is very simple to fit.

Kiosk/Ticket Machines

Suitable for many styles of parking / ticket machines and fuel pumps, our PINGuards™ are fast becoming very popular for secure PIN entry.

“This robust and well made product is ideal for it’s pin shrouding purpose,
and I would recommend for retrofit use”
John Shepherd Baron OBE, Inventor of the ATM machine