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pin guard

Disc-Bloc Shutter Lock

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Cash trapping and TRF (Transaction Reversal Fraud) attacks have become increasingly prevalent. Although you may be familiar with the attack, criminals attempt to force open cash shutters to steal money or use sophisticated techniques to trick the system and manipulate transactions. To combat these threats effectively, we have developed the Bloc-Cam. Bloc-cam locks the shutter closed when a criminal attempts to force the cash shutter open, but unlocks when the ATM authorises the cash shutter to open.

 What sets the Bloc-Cam apart is its simplicity. Unlike electrical systems, the Bloc-Cam doesn't rely on complex mechanisms or require power sources and fits to the existing cash shutter assembly. It provides a reliable physical barrier that prevents the cash shutter from being forced open, safeguarding the notes. Its durable materials and sturdy design make it resistant to tampering and manipulation. Moreover, the Bloc-Cam is easy to install, requiring minimal modifications to your existing cash shutter system. It is a cost-effective solution that offers significant long-term benefits by reducing the risk of theft and financial losses.”



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11cm X 30cm X 8cm

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