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The R1 is a true breakthrough in PIN shielding technology.
It’s simple, flexible design allows it to fit almost any portable and fixed Chip and PIN / Point Of Sale payment terminals.

PINGuard™ R1 is a PIN cover that shields your EPOS payment and chip and PIN terminals for complete PIN pad security.

The R1 was the first in the range of PINGuards R/T range of PIN shields.

It is a robust and flexible solution to PIN theft. It can be fitted in seconds and requires no tools or skills.

It is designed in a way that allows free use without restricting the usability or functions of 95% of payment terminals used worldwide including Ingenico, Thyron, Hypercom and Dione POS Terminals.

As well as a solution to minimizing PIN theft and fraud it also gives you a professional way of providing a safe and respectful environment for your customer.

Everything you need to reduce PIN theft is in one box.

The R1 PINGuard is a PIN protector for PDQ, POS and other payment terminals.

The R1 fits 95% of Chip and PIN machines including the Verifone VX680 and VX670 and the Ingenico iPP300, EFT930B and 5100, as well as the Hypercom P1100.

The R1 takes seconds to fit using very strong adhesive. It is made from high grade rubberised plastic which means that the wings can be folded back if the wipe card feature on the EPOS device is needed.

In a test case, Customers reported that the R1 PINGuard has reduced PIN fraud and PIN compromise by over 95%

The PINGuard creates a respectful environment so that users report that they do not feel awkward or embarrassed shielding their PIN entry with many commenting on increased privacy and protection.

One survey asked users “When using the R1 PINGuard, did you feel less exposed while entering your PIN?” 78% answered “yes” strongly indicating that in addition to the prevention of PIN Compromise, PINGuard PIN shields provide the user with additional privacy and assurance when entering a PIN or combination. Similarly, over three quarters responded positively when asked “would you like to see PINGuards fitted in more locations?” a significant endorsement of the product by the end user.

Thyron, Hypercom & Dione POS, Optimum M4100 verifone vx680, verifone vx670, verifone NURIT 8000, verifone MagIC³ M-Series, MagIC³ W-1, MagIC³ W-8, way5000, Xplore, PAYware Mobile, Optimum M4240, Optimum M4230, VX 820, Vx 810, Vx 610, PINpad 1000SE, Artema PIN Hybrid, P1300, S9, S10, Wymix, PV1310, VX 820 DUET, Vx 520, VX 810 DUET, Vx 570, Vx 510, NURIT 8210 vx, Secura, H5000, Optimum M4205, Optimum M4210, Optimum M4220, Optimum M4230 VX 520, vx 680, vx 820, vx 820 DUET Ingenico ipp200, p30, pp30s, i3010, ipp300 ML30, ICT200 EFT930S, i5100, iWL200 i7910, iSMP, iSsc250, Twin series, Twin30 plus



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